Who We Are

History and Mission

Founded in 1948, the Jewish Federation of New Mexico (JFNM) is part of the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA), a network of 189 Jewish Federations and 400 independent communities. These organizations, raising an annual total of $2 billion, are dedicated to improving and enriching Jewish life around the world.

Federation is the heart of New Mexico’s Jewish community and the primary organization through which to practice the Jewish value of tikkun olam—or “repairing the world”. It embodies a 3,500-year-old tradition of caring that goes back to the giving of the Torah and sustains us in the bold pursuit of Jewish community, Jewish values and Jewish peoplehood. Federation is the people who care enough to want to perfect an imperfect world. Federation is the passion of commitment, where tzedakah and a sense of social responsibility can make a difference in the lives of many.

Federation builds and strengthens Jewish community — from the Land of Enchantment to our homeland in Israel, from the homebound to the homeless. Whether the task is reducing Jewish poverty and hunger, rescuing and resettling new immigrants, or spurring Jewish renaissance worldwide, Federation is goal is to help ensure the continuity of the Jewish people in New Mexico.

Recent Achievements

  • Our 2015/2016 Heart of Jewish New Mexico Campaign, which raised over $600,000 to sustain Jewish life and community throughout the state and in Israel.
  • Funding a record 23 beneficiary organizations through our annual allocation process.
  • Administration of community services to rural Jewish populations.
  • Successfully supporting Israel on the University of New Mexico campus and promoting economic development between New Mexico and Israel, the state’s second largest trade partner.
  • Completion of the first-ever New Mexico Jewish Demographic Study.

Current Initiatives

    • Administration of Hillel at the University of New Mexico.
    • Administration of the Jewish Care Program, serving the elderly, indigent, and Holocaust survivors.
    • Publication of the New Mexico Jewish Link.
    • Support for the Santa Fe Jewish Film Festival, Santa Fe Middle East Watch, and Jewish communities in Taos, Las Vegas, Roswell, and beyond.
    • Establishment of innovative programming such as the Kosher Cabrito, New Mexico-Israel Economic Forum, and Spanish Citizenship Program.
    • Serving as the New Mexico agency for Rabbis Without Borders
    • Networking, professional development, and mentorship programs for young professionals.
    • And much more.