Chai Desert Radio, the voice of the Jewish Federation of New Mexico, provides a uniquely New Mexican perspective on places, faces, and issues of importance to Jews at home, in Israel, and worldwide. We engage in conversations and interviews with thought leaders and difference makers in the arts, culture, sports, religion, politics, and more to examine these topics through a Jewish and Southwestern lens.



Episode 2:

This edition features an insightful discussion between Jewish Federation of New Mexico President Dr. Marvin Gottlieb, Yad b’Yad co-founder and Hoffmantown Baptist Church Elder John Sandager and Christians United for Israel Western States Regional Coordinator Randy Neal about the evolving relationship between Christians and Jews, how both communities envision that relationship continuing to develop into the future, and what role Israel has played in enhancing this interfaith partnership. We also touch on the important and powerful work of Christians United for Isreal (CUFI) to enhance Christian understanding of the Jewish people, and to bolster support of The State of Israel and its causes.


Episode 1:

Our first episode features Paula Amar Schwartz and Isaac Artenstein, producer and director, respectively, of the new documentary feature, Challah Rising in the Desert: the Jews of New Mexico. Paula and Isaac chat with Chai Desert Radio about how the idea for the film materialized and the process of producing the feature-length documentary. They also give us a sneak peek into their plans for nationwide distribution and discuss how the film is an important historical record for generations to come.